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Classification of Silicon Carbide Products

Release time: 2018-11-05

Silicon Carbide products can be classified according to the content of Sic, the type and amount of anchoring agent. Property of the material extensively depends on the binding status of Sic particles. Therefore, according to the type of anchoring agent, the Sic products can be divided into the following categories:

1 - Oxidized binding Sic: with AL2O3-SIO2 series silicate as binding phase, including clay binding, mullite binding and Sic.

2 - Nitride binding Sic: binding phase Si3N4/SI2N2O and other covalent compounds.

3 - Self-binding Sic: includes β-Sic binding Sic and recrystallized Sic.

4 - Reactive sintering silicon carbide: a kind of Sic Engineering Ceramics composed of Sic and Free Silicon.

In addition, refractory products containing less than 50% Sic are usually referred as Semi-Sic products.

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